Academic Excellence. Choice of a World Class American or British Curriculum.

At Lady Evelyn Independent School, students are given the choice between two of the most highly respected curriculums in the world. Students can choose between studying in the American Section, getting access to a full American curriculum culminating in a High School Diploma, or the British Section, studying the British Curriculum including GCSE to A Level. Students are actively encouraged to develop their critical thinking, creativity and capacity for innovation, thus, acquiring transferable skills that are sought after by top universities and companies from all over the globe.

Outstanding Teachers. Stimulating Lessons. Live Online Classes in Real-Time.

Lady Evelyn Independent School teachers are highly qualified experts in their subjects. They are friendly, empathetic and passionate about imparting their knowledge to our students. Lessons are conducted live in real-time (not pre-recorded) and are stimulating and engaging, with teachers using a variety of methods. There are quizzes, interactive whiteboards, games, and group discussions. This has an immediate effect on the progress of students who have struggled in traditional schools. Students can interact via the chatbox and microphone. Teachers monitor student interaction and respond to questions to the whole class or privately to individual queries. We aim to provide a high-achieving environment in which the students feel happy, valued and empowered to achieve high standards, both academically and in their overall development.

Character Development. Holistic Education. Islamic Values and Identity.

Faith, Worship and Spirituality are very important at Lady Evelyn Independent School. We aim to foster strong morals coupled with good spiritual well-being in our students, focusing on instilling excellent manners and outstanding character. Of course, we welcome students from all backgrounds, of all faiths and none.

Stronger bonds with
Parents and Family.

For millennia, parents were the primary educators of their children. This changed when the state took over this role. The negative consequences of this have been immense in society with parent-child relationships at rock bottom and the breakdown of the family. In traditional schools, students are away from their families for most of the day – in fact, they spend more hours away from their families than with them! This can lead to a huge disconnect between many parents and their children. Since classes are taught live and online at Lady Evelyn Independent School, children will be at home throughout the day and helping them to build strong bonds with their parents and families.

No more School runs!

We all hate school runs and they’ll be a thing of the past when your children join Lady Evelyn Independent School. Sometimes, this can save an hour each morning and another hour each afternoon. Instead, students can study in the comfort of their familiar surroundings at home, reducing stress on parents and guardians, and allowing more family time with the children!

Learning without Bullying.

Students who have previously been bullied at school can join Lady Evelyn Independent School and reach their full potential without the pressures and anxiety of meeting their bullies every day! At Lady Evelyn Independent School we employ a zero tolerance policy towards bullying and take complaints of bullying extremely seriously.

Smaller Class Sizes. Personal Learning.

Class sizes at Lady Evelyn Independent School are much smaller than those at most other schools. This allows for a more personal student-teacher relationships, resulting in higher academic performance as well as increased happiness at school. Teachers get to know their students well and are able to help them according to their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

Benefits of Homeschooling without the Pressure on Parents to Teach.

Many parents already know the huge benefits of homeschooling but they simply cannot dedicate the time required to. Moreover, teaching at a high level requires a certain amount of expertise in each subject and it is unrealistic to expect parents to be experts in all the subjects their children will be studying. At Lady Evelyn Independent School, both parents and children reap the immense benefits of homeschooling, all without the pressure of parents teaching their children full-time.

Education for the Future. Flexibility without Sacrifice.

We are living in an era of exciting technological change. At Lady Evelyn Independent School, we strongly believe that a good and balanced education combines the traditional with the modern. By bringing together the renowned American or British curriculums along with universal Islamic values and the power of the Internet and technology, we are able to provide great quality, highly sought-after education, no matter where you are on the planet. With access to an Internet connection, students can study anywhere in the world. Need to go to grandma’s house but don’t want to miss out on school? Take your school with you! – as long as you have an internet connection, classes can still be taken! Students can sit at a computer wearing a headset, and log into the virtual online classrooms to attend their lessons, immersing themselves in their learning wherever they are.

Minimum Classroom Disruption. Maximum Learning.

A 2015 OECD study “How Much Time Do Teachers Spend on Teaching and Non-teaching Activities?” found that on average across countries, teachers in traditional schools spend half of their working time in non-teaching activities. Moreover, keeping order in the classroom occupies an average of 13% of all teachers’ time across countries. The absence of distractions or disruptions in an online school such as Lady Evelyn Independent School enables teachers to devote themselves entirely to teaching and learning. As a result, students spend less time in class and more time focussed.

Classes are Recorded. Catch up. Revise.

The live lessons at Lady Evelyn Independent School are also recorded, so students can revisit the classes and go over anything they didn’t understand. This alone provides a huge advantage over traditional schools where, if a lesson is missed, it’s gone forever! Our students who are unable to attend classes due to being unwell or for any other reason, can catch up when required. This means students (and parents) can go back to lessons at any time, ensuring that no topic or subject is left without being fully understood.

500 Teachers.

One of the greatest concerns of parents is their lack of control regarding who influences their children. In traditional schools, where parents often have no say over who their child socialises with, other students are much more influential than even the teachers. It is those 500 or more other students who end up becoming the child’s real ‘teachers’. Parents often feel defeated by competing influences, especially from their child’s friends and peers. At Lady Evelyn Independent School, since the children are home-schooled, parents can play a much more active role in who their children mix with.

Second Chance.

Students who – for whatever reason – have been unable to perform well academically at their schools can apply to Lady Evelyn Independent School and achieve their maximum potential without the many ever-present distractions at brick and mortar schools.

Parent and Guardian Involvement. Frequent Assessment. Regular Progress.

Parents and guardians will have access to a portal where they can view the grades for homework, quizzes and tests as well as other areas such as attendance and punctuality of students. Regular pupil progress reports encourage parental involvement. This in turn ensures academic and educational success.

Quran. Islamic Studies. Arabic.

At Lady Evelyn Independent School, students have the option to study subjects related to the Islamic Faith: Qur’an, Islamic Studies and the Arabic Language. Moreover, they can also earn credits with these subjects towards their High School Diploma (in the American Section) or take them at GCSE Level (in the British Section).

Ramadan and Eid Holidays!

The days of trying to explain to your school why you need a holiday on either this day or the next for Eid are gone! At Lady Evelyn Independent School, we follow private and independent school conventions for the number of academic study weeks in each year. Because this gives us some flexibility, we have holidays that give us some spiritual time at the end of Ramadan and for Eid to spend time with family and friends. This year’s Academic Calendar can be found here.


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