Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah, I had a chance to sit in and listen to General Assembly with my daughter this morning and I was so impressed and happy with what I heard and saw! Beautiful reminder by the Sheikh to purify intentions and aim for Ihsaan! And am really impressed by the calibre and command of the Headteacher!

May Allah SWT bless you for your care and dedication and commitment! May Allah SWT make this year a year of growth for all the children, spiritually and academically. And may Allah SWT make Lady Evelyn and her graduates lights for this Ummah and this world! Aameen!

Umm Zaid

Mother of Year 8 and Year 10 students, United Arab Emirates

I have to tell you this that my daughter and we, the parents, are VERY VERY HAPPY with this school, just the first week has been amazing. SubhanAllah. I am a very big promoter of Muslim Schools in the West. My kids went to Muslim school in UK before we came to KSA.

SubhanAllah – the main differentiating factor in such schools and specially in LEIS is the TARBYAA. The Monday assembly with Sheikh A Abdissalam’s reminder is one BIG HIGHLIGHT mashallah. The Muslim teachers, their manners all are what I would like to see in a Muslim school.

My daughter said in Chemistry what she did not understand for 2 years in IGCSEs was made so easy in the first lecture!!

Muhammad Amin ur Rahman

Father of Year 12 student, Saudi Arabia.

Asalaamu alaykum, I just want to start by saying that I am really happy with how the school has been set up and how things are going with the children’s learning so far MashA’llah.

Amar Bashir

Father of Year 7 and Year 10 students, United Kingdom.

Assalamu alaikum just like to say a big Jazakumullah Khair for all your efforts in setting up and running this great project masha’Allah tabarakAllah. Kids are loving it and on the whole has been smooth and very professional. Minor issues were expected (since that was after the first days of school!) but have been minimal Alhamdulillah. May Allah SWT bless and accept all efforts.

Gulraz Gachi

Father of Year 4 and Year 6 students, Saudi Arabia.

I am always praying for your school and all the teachers since your school is what we always dreamt of. I feel Allah has answered my duas in Madina Munawara and such a school came into existence. May Allah help us all. Jazak Allah khair.

Parent of Year 7 student

Assalamualaikum, I just want to let you guys know that this week my kids enrolled onto the online school called Lady Evelyn. I’ve been homeschooling them on and off for many years but I was really impressed by how the online school is working. Mashallah already they have picked up so much more language and are getting faster at typing and more adept at explaining themselves in good language.

It’s only been a week and I’ve been listening in on some lessons and the teachers are really good. They bring Islamic themes into a lot of the lessons. My children are in year 4 and year 6 and they are really enjoying this new change plus all their lessons are recorded so it’s easy to catch up if we ever miss anything. Also it’s easy to see if they need to find any assignments they need to do as the website is easy to use Allah humma baarik lahum.

Parent of Year 4 and Year 6 students

Jazakallah khair for giving us an opportunity to study at Lady Evelyn Independent School, Miss. I cannot express how happy I am to be studying at Lady Evelyn Independent School. My duas were accepted last year miss when I chose NOT to study in a mixed physical school before, and one of my friends recommended Lady Evelyn Independent School. I’m so grateful to Allah, you and the entire management for giving me the opportunity to be part of the family. I’m also grateful for my parents that they supported me in my decision when I had no one to support me. May Allah reward you immensely.

Year 10 student

The one thing we have been so happy with as a family is:

  1. The Islamic education is just far better more in depth and than what the girls were receiving before.
  2. My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her literature class and has been challenged by and enjoyed meeting the challenges of computer sciences.


I love Lady Evelyn Independent School like because it has some really cool teachers who make the lessons interesting and really make you want to work hard. Although I was bullied last year the school did things about it and gave me support. I like school because I get to do things that can’t do at home and I love seeing my friends.

Taha Abbas

Year 5 student, United Kingdom.

I love Lady Evelyn school because it is one of the best schools in the world!!!! One of the tremendous reasons is that you can be anywhere in the world and join this school to learn. I have been receiving wonderful education from this school and it hasn’t even reached a year yet! Therefore, this school is incredible. Of course, one of the main reasons for this is because of this school’s outstanding teachers and I cant thank them enough.

Another explanation why this school is great is the fact that so many friends can be made, and they can be in any part of the world. Furthermore, in this school, not only can you learn Maths English and Science but also Quran lessons and Islamic studies which I find so remarkable. I also love the way how this school is laid out so organised I know where everything is without getting confused. Thank you so much ! Yours sincerely, Abdirahman.

Abdirahman Abdi

Year 5 student, United Kingdom.

I love Lady Evelyn Independent School because it is a great school because we learn how to use our brains in front of screens. We are also leaning from experts who have been training for years to share their knowledge. In school, we also learn prophet stories in Assembly and our headteacher always tells us not to waste our 40 minutes lessons but to appreciate it. Lady Evelyn is different from public schools.

In this school, we have lots of Islamic subjects like Islamic Studies, Arabic, Islamic History and Quran. We also have PE which helps us keep fit in our home while in lockdown and that’s why I love Lady Evelyn Independent School.

Ifrah Abdirahaman

Year 7 student, United Kingdom.

I love Lady Evelyn Independent school because it has a mix of both Islamic and proper English learning. This is really good because this is only one of a few schools which provide with this education. And during this pandemic, it is really useful to have a school where it is fully online.

Hamzah Ahmed

Year 8 student, United Arab Emirates.

I love lady Evelyn Because they have all the types of subjects even Islamic studies, Quran, And Arabic. I can go to school and I can improve my Deen! They also have amazing Teachers like Miss Shelina begum Miss Khalilah Sadiq Mrs Abdulkarim Saleh And don’t forget the amazing Miss Burhana Islam. Even if you don’t choose me at least you can see how much I love lady Evelyn. if I was not in this school I would wish that I was in Lady Evelyn.

Safa Ahmed

Year 5 student, United Kingdom.

I love Lady Evelyn School because:

When I did not do well,
Our teachers did not yell.
They helped us,
With no fuss!
Our classmates are cool,
Never once cruel,
We helped each other fairly,
Not one left out rarely!
Thank you Lady Evelyn,
For being a part of me,
I love your commitment
Proud with glee!

Kawthar Abdiashkir

Year 8 student, United Kingdom.

I love Lady Evelyn Independent School because they always do their best to teach us well, we have lovely teachers and they regularly give us homework. Not only do they teach us maths, English, science, humanities, etc they also teach Arabic, Islamic studies, and Quran which help us boost our iman day by day. Teachers there always make sure that we are certain to exit our class with no difficulties. We have assessments at the end of each term and parents will know their child’s/children’s progress.

If you miss a class you will have access to a recording that helps you catch-up with the class and the classes will have enough children so you can always have time to ask questions. In this school, you are certain to have a great education. You can always message your teacher/teachers if you are not sure about something and contact support if you are having any difficulties with joining the class or any internet difficulties etc. I hope you can see how lovely and peaceful this school is!

Saima Ahmed

Year 6 student, United Kingdom.

I love Lady Evelyn because of the Islamic Ethos and outstanding teaching. The Islamic Ethos makes you feel at one with everyone and improving our Islamic Knowledge and Quran (with no extra fee) whilst doing other subjects is amazing. Instead of having all those additional subjects in school you get to choose which ones you would like to do with just a little extra fee. You can even make friends and communicate with people in class! It has an interactive chat box in class where you can discuss the topic and things you are learning about with other people.

They also have microphones to talk in class as well as an interactive whiteboard. Sometimes the teachers even put you in groups with people to do a project together. The teachers always make sure you understand the topic, are always happy to answer questions no matter what the circumstance is, and they even set you homework to make sure you understand. You can also send emails to your teacher if you need help outside the lesson and you can even send emails to anyone in your school so you can make friends!

There are also people all over the world that are doing this school. If you miss a lesson, there are always recordings that you can watch to catch up! You also get time more time with your family. There is absolutely nothing they have not thought of! Whilst it is already so outstanding, they are still working to make this school better every day! The fact that you get all of this at the comfort of your own home is astounding!

Fatima Akram

Year 7 student, United Kingdom.

I love Lady Evelyn because it’s a Muslim school and the teachers make the lessons very interesting and I feel like I’m actually in the class. The school portal is nicely made, and very easy to use. The lessons are not too long or to short, and you still have time to be with your family and do other things, like Quran and pottery and play games with your family. I also LOVE the way the teachers get us to work in groups sometimes and to make power points together. Once a week we have Assembly and sometimes we do quizzes or the head teacher reads stories to us. Its VERY fun.

Ruqayah Aswani

Year 7 student, United Kingdom.

I love Lady Evelyn Independent school because of several reasons, throughout the beginning of the academic year, I have been through so many experiences and with this wonderful school and I have managed to grow towards a both a good academic and religious path. The school has a variety of different teachers, each with their own spark and all of them being such amazing teachers. With the astonishing work of the teachers, I have managed to improve my grades by such a large scale and I have been able to have undeniably enjoyable lessons, with students interacting with each other and occasionally some educationally competitive activities.

Let’s not forget the much needed support staff constantly working to improve the school and the platform. The support staff has always been quick to fix any problems and have always been unquestionably kind and reassuring. This school has been a huge change of good in my life, teachers, support, students and all, thank you so much!

Eesa Amar

Year 10 student, United Kingdom.

Jazakullakhayran to all the teachers for working so hard and making online teaching such a beautiful experience!

Minnatullah Jardali

Year 11 student, United Kingdom.

Thank you for being our final nurturers before adulthood! We couldn’t have asked for a better support system!

Fatima Rahman

Sixth Form student, United Kingdom.


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