Key Stage 5 A Level Students

After completing their International GCSEs, the next step is to study International A Levels. This in itself can be a daunting move, and it can be unclear what exactly students can expect from this next stage of their education. Lady Evelyn Independent School’s online Sixth Form gives students taking online International A Levels an extensive set of advantages over more traditional sixth form schools and colleges.

Students at Lady Evelyn Independent School study online; this means there are far fewer distractions (such as behavioural issues) than at traditional sixth form schools and colleges. Moreover, since our class sizes are much smaller, there can be much more focus on actual teaching, which in turn means there is more free time.

Students studying three online International A Levels are often only committed to approximately 10 hours of live classes each week, which can be accessed anywhere where there is an internet connection. This gives students the flexibility to plan revision and other activities around their schedule.

Phenomenal A Level Results

85% – Grades A*-A (Almost double the UK average)
100% – Grades A*-B

We are absolutely delighted to announce that 85% of our students achieved grade A in their chosen subjects while 100% of our students achieved the top A*- B grades. Read more

Reaching New Heights

At Lady Evelyn Independent School, we know that the world is changing rapidly and our aim is to equip our students to achieve their best potential. In the global market that awaits them, depending on top grades alone to succeed is no longer enough to secure the best career prospects. That’s why we work to upskill our students from the very start.

Revise, Understand and Succeed.

Lessons at Lady Evelyn Independent School are recorded so students can revisit the lessons for revision or if they have missed a class. Our students who are unable to attend classes due to being unwell or for any other reason can catch up when required. This means students can go back to lessons at any time, ensuring that no topic or subject is left without being fully understood.

Career Advice and University Applications

Our Sixth Form students benefit from a range of services including UCAS support, interview skills, potential job opportunities, and personal statement and CV workshops. This is alongside independent study modules, specialist speaker sessions and external seminars to enhance their life opportunities. We also have a pastoral CareHub where advice and guidance can be sought within an Islamic framework. During the year, our students are also given the opportunity to get involved with seasonal events such as our iftar competitions, our Ramadan reflections series and our Islamic-themed family quiz. In the past, teachers have hosted Tea-Talks, Tafseer classes and finished the year with a celebratory achievement mukbang party that allowed them to showcase their culinary finesses.

Ultimately, at Lady Evelyn Independent School, we know that our students are an Amanah to us and they alone will be responsible for upholding the legacy of our faith. All of our students, Sixth Form included, are taught that excellence is ordained upon us in all aspects of life, and our holistic approach to education ensures that we, In sha’ Allah, raise a generation of ambassadors who will make a difference with our deen.

Key Stage 5 A Level Subjects

Sixth Form students at Lady Evelyn Independent School can choose up to five International A Level (normally three) subjects. The fees will depend on how many subjects are selected. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have identified a local centre that accepts entries from private candidates for your course before registering to study. This is particularly the case for science practicals. Please note that the courses and subjects are subject to availability and demand and are strictly allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis.


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